Al-Amoudi group established Fahad Abdulrahman Al-Amoudi Factory for Plastic Products in 2013.  It was included to the industrial entities of this giant group, which is considered as one of the distinct industrial monuments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf States and Middle East countries. The factory is specialized in manufacturing of low-density polyethylene products. 

This newborn entity started strong, and began to perform its business strongly and consistently to keep pace with the development witnessed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all industrial, petroleum, urban and agricultural fields, so as to serve our national economy, the citizens, and the Gulf and Arab economy at the same time, with distinguished product, high quality and competitive price conforming to the Saudi Standards and Specifications (SASO), and the international specifications (ASTMD 4819-99) and (ISO 7214-99).  Accordingly, it is considered as a national industry with international specifications; with raw materials depend on the local raw materials from Saudi SABIC Company and the national manufacturing company and number of the local companies and some Gulf companies.

Fahd A. Al-Amoudi Factory is one of the first producers of the polyethylene insulators in Middle East and Arab Gulf, which products cover all the needs of the Kingdom and exported to the GCC countries and neighboring Arab countries and North Africa. 

 The factory gives special attention to participate in the local and external exhibitions because of the important role of these exhibitions in the introduction of the factory products, characteristics and advantages of our products, in addition to the factory’s contacts with our clients in and out of the Kingdom, and acquainting them of our new products and the continued development of production quality.  Also, access to global markets and attraction of new customers is a strategic target of the factory is seeking to achieve in order to export of our products to Europe markets, and our slogan is to provide service to client, and to maintain product’s quality.




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The company gives special attention to the participation in the local and external exhibitions because of the import role of these exhibitions in the introduction of the company products, characteristics and advantages of our products.


Thermal insulation means to reduce heat leakage from outside to inside the building during summer time, or from the inside to the outside during winter time. Usually this leakage happens by one or more of the modes of heat transmission, these are: conduction, load and radiation.

To provide the Domestic & International Markets with their needs of Polyethylene products in the required shape, within a reasonable time and at a competitive price without affecting the quality level.

To be recognized as one of the leading manufacturers in the Polyethylene Foam Industry domestically & internationally through manufacturing High Quality and wide Variety Products

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