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Thermal insulation means to reduce heat leakage from outside to inside the building during summer time, or from the inside to the outside during winter time. Usually this leakage happens by one or more of the modes of heat transmission, these are: conduction, load and radiation.

Hanger insulation:

This type of product is made in the form of foldable rolls, coherent coils enhanced with layer of the reflecting aluminum (platelets) in order to increase the power of thermal insulation.  The product is available in different thicknesses from 8 – 15 mm. 

This product has many features and characteristics, the most important are: 

1)     Heat and sound insulator and reduces the consumption of electric power.

2)     Non-degradable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

3)   During combustion does not produce toxic gases, and has the feature of self-extinction. 

4)   Does not react chemically with acids and alkalis and non-degradable and does not grow bacteria and does not cause irritation and is not eatable by insects and rodents. 

5)     Easy to install, transport and storage.

6)  Safe for the health and does not result in any damage to health upon installation and does not cause irritation.  


Product dimensions: 




20  meters

110 centimeters

8 mm

20  meters

110 centimeters

15 mm


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