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Thermal insulation means to reduce heat leakage from outside to inside the building during summer time, or from the inside to the outside during winter time. Usually this leakage happens by one or more of the modes of heat transmission, these are: conduction, load and radiation.

Filler Board:


This type of insulators produced in two forms depending on the use: 

1.   Boards with dimensions 2X1 meters of different thicknesses of 15, 20, 25 mm. 

2.  Rolls of 1 meter width and different thicknesses from 10 - 25 mm and 50 meters length. 

The insulation layers are used in the concrete basements in buildings, basements and major projects such as hospitals, hotels, towers and projects of electricity.  The specifications of the above were adopted and approved in many large projects of government of Saudi Arabia and used by many contracting companies in Saudi Arabia, GCC States and Arab countries.


The insulation boards from Fahad Al-Amoudi plastic products factory have many advantages and characteristics, the most important are: 

1)   They are non-biodegradable and resistant to rust and corrosion, especially in wet marshy areas near to bodies of water. 

2)     In addition to its strong resistance to shocks and vibrations. 

3)   Treatment of heat emitting from underground (underground geothermal). 

4)     Conforming to the Saudi specifications and standards and international standards. 


Product dimensions: 




2 meters

100 centimeters

20 mm

2 meters

100 centimeters

25 mm

2 meters

100 centimeters

30 mm

2 meters

100 centimeters

50 mm

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